Beer, it is not just for breakfast anymore

Yes, Yes, I know here in the heart of Tuscan wine country I should be writing about historical wines, such as Chianti Classico, and Vino Nobile.

But when the temps in Tuscany reach 95 degrees or 35 Celsius I enjoy an Italian Birra.

The options for craft beers in Tuscany and beyond are growing. In June I attended an international food event in Siena, and alongside all the great variety of foods from around the world were no less then twelve different craft brew vendors.

They were from different parts of Italy such as these brewers from Piemonte and Arezzo.

What really caught my eye was this converted school bus. Take a look at this set up. Count them, yep 30 taps.

This vendors approach is a bit different. They highlight different Italian brewers on a rotation basis. They attend different food and beer events around the country. They also will highlight one or two local brewers to the area where the event is taking place.

I briefly spoke with Loris of Birra di Classe, he is the one with the great handlebar mustache. They love the work that they do, and get to meet so many great brew masters from all over Italy. They have the converted bus, and even the vintage desks set up to perch on while you enjoy a cold one. These two take on the role of old time school masters, with a twist.

So when the summer temps in Italy scream for a cold one, just ask for a birra. And remember if you happen to be in Texas and want to order yourself up a frosty one, Texas slang dictates you say just one word, Colbeer.

Ciao y’all.